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Welcome to Urological Health

We are proud to offer evidence-based Natural Supplements which are clinically proven to provide Health and Integrity for your urological needs. These natural supplements are recommended by our local physicians and nationally recognized leaders in urological health. We provide safe urological health with tested ingredients to maintain Bladder Health, Prostate Function and Health, Urinary Health, and Cholesterol and Heart Health.

BP-Qmax — Prostate Health
BP-QmaxBP-Qmax - Buy Now

A series of natural ingredients are a part of BP-Qmax. One chief ingredient is a plant sterol named Beta-sitosterol which has extensive clinical evidence in the areas of prostate, urinary and heart health. Quercetin, another ingredient in BP-Qmax, is a natural anti-inflammatory substance found in apples, grapes, green tea and onions. Several recent published studies have noted the role that inflammation plays in the progression of prostate and urinary issues in men.*

BP-Qmax's blend of clinically proven phytotherapeutic ingredients has been specifically designed to support prostate health and help address urinary symptoms such as:

• Going frequently
• Trouble going
• Flow starts and stops and
• Going often at night

Citurol Plus — Bone, Kidney and Urinary Health
Citurol PlusCiturol Plus - Buy Now

A series of natural ingredients including Calcium Citrate and Cholecalciferol, or Vitamin D3, are a part of Citurol Plus. Citurol Plus is a high potency Calcium Citrate complex with 400 mg per pill of Calcium Citrate, 500 IU of Vitamin D3 and specialized natural enzymes to increase bioavailability and improve digestive health. Calcium Citrate has also been shown to be heart healthy by maintaining proper cholesterol levels and and when combined with cholecalciferol in one of the largest randomized clinical trials, calcium citrate was shown to improve bone health in men and women (New Engl J Med 1997). Calcium Citrate is also the most recommended form of calcium to use when there is a history of kidney stones.

Citurol Plus’s blend of high potency, clinically proven natural ingredients at the proper levels has been specifically designed to provide:

• Bone Health*
• Kidney Health*
• Urinary Health*
• Heart Health*
• Digestive Health*

Cysta-Q — Bladder Health and Integrity


Cysta-Q - Buy Now

Cysta-Q is a patented blend of active ingredients that has been clinically tested and proven effective for bladder health and integrity by leading academic urologists in major medical centers.*

Cysta-Q may help address the symptoms associated with:

• pelvic and genital discomfort*
• bladder inflammation or pressure*
• urinary frequency and pain*
• unhealthy sexual discomfort*

Omega-Core — Omega 3 Healthy Weight
BP-QmaxOmega-Core - Buy Now

Omega-Core is a specialized evidence-based Omega-3 fish oil complex specifically formulated with high potency Omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy weight and cholesterol levels, metabolic balance and cognitive function.*

Omega-Core’s blend of high potency, clinically proven Omega-3 fatty acids has been specifically designed to provide overall health support with a particular focus on maintaining:

• Healthy Weight*
• Cardiovascular Support*
• Proper Cholesterol/Triglyceride Levels*
• Cognitive Function*
• Mood*
• Metabolic Balance*

Prourol — Bladder and Immune Health
BP-QmaxProurol - Buy Now

A natural ingredient or “friendly bacteria” known as a “probiotic” in large concentrations is a part of Prourol. It is one of the only concentrated probiotic products at the appropriate potency level (10 billion units per gram), which allows for the maximum potential benefit for individuals in need of bladder and immune health.*

Prourol’s active ingredient at the proper levels has been specifically designed to provide:

• Bladder Health*
• Immune Health*

Q-Urol — Pelvic or Genital Discomfort
BP-QmaxQ-Urol - Buy Now

Q-Urol is an evidence-based nutritional supplement formulated to maintain prostate health and integrity.*

• Scientifically proven and recommended by physicians worldwide
• Time Release Formula
• Activated Quercetin and Pollen Extract Complex

Q-Urol may help address the symptoms associated with:

• pelvic or genital discomfort*
• unhealthy sexual or urinary function*

Triverex — Sexual Health Maintenance
BP-QmaxTriverex - Buy Now

This proprietary blend of clinically proven all-natural ingredients found in Triverex™MD was developed in collaboration with leading authorities on natural urological medical solutions from major medical centers to create a breakthrough male enhancement formula designed to maximize sexual performance without a prescription and with no side effects reported.

Triverex™MD's blend of clinically proven phytotherapeutic ingredients has been specifically designed to support male sexual health and help maximize the sexual experience in 3 ways:

• Improves libido
• Increases blood flow to maximize hardness
• Gives you the stamina needed for a longer, mutually satisfying experience

  *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products detailed on this site are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If a medical condition exists, see your health care professional.